Mogwai Agreement

 WHEREAS,  (Tenant Name and Business) , as Tenant, desires to enter into a Short Term Lease Agreement with Mogwai Collaborative, as Landlord, to lease approximately Shared Space  in the building located at 424 North Riverfront Drive, Lower Level, Mankato, Minnesota.


            NOW THEREFORE BY THIS AGREEMENT, Tenant and Landlord hereby agree to the terms provided herein:


  1. Commencement of Term. The term of this Monthly Agreement shall commence on (Date), shall continue thereafter on a Monthly basis, subject to termination as herein provided in Paragraph 11.


  1. Leased Premises. Tenant’s Leased premises shall consist of a shared collaboration space.
  2. Rent. The monthly rent due shall be:  two hundred forty nine dollars ($249).  Rent is due 5 days prior to the end of the month for the following month.  If rent is not received by the end of the membership month for the following month the agreement is thereby terminated automatically and the access fob will be de-activated.


  1. Type of Lease. The rent stated herein shall be GROSS to Tenant, with Landlord responsible for all operating expenses for the building (i.e., building insurance, lot maintenance, repairs and maintenance for the building, real estate taxes), and all utilities inside the Leased Premises. Internet will be included unless a secured Internet line is required. Tenant responsible for telephone costs and printing above a normal use.


  1. Use. Tenant shall use the Leased premises for general office and for no other purpose and all in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and governmental regulations.


  1. Common Area. Tenant shall have the option to schedule common area conference rooms. 


  1. Tenant Insurance. Tenant shall be responsible for its own contents and liability insurance and shall keep in force public liability insurance and property damage insurance in an amount no less than a single limit coverage of $100,000.00


  1. Tenant Repairs and Maintenance. Tenant shall be responsible for the repair of damages to the Leased Premises or the building that are caused by Tenant.  Tenant shall at all times keep the Premises in a clean and sanitary condition.


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Letter of Agreement


  1. Hold Harmless. Tenant and Landlord agree to hold the other party and its agents, representatives and employees, harmless for any loss or damage to the premises, Tenant’s property on the premises, to the building or property, or to persons on or about the premises and building, resulting from any occurrence coverable by property damage and liability insurance required to be maintained herein.


  1. Condition of Premises. Tenant accepts the premises in its current “as is” condition.  Tenant shall make no improvements to the property without written consent by Landlord.


  1. Surrender of Premises. At the end of the term of this Agreement, Tenant shall surrender the premises to Landlord in the same condition as when Tenant took possession of the premises, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and at the request of Landlord remove any approved improvements installed by Tenant and repair any damage occasioned by such removal.


  1. Addresses of Parties for Notices and Payment of Rent. Any notice to be given to the parties, and the payment of rent by Tenant to Landlord, shall be sent to:


LANDLORD        ATTN: Curt Fisher

CBC Fisher Group

1961 Premier Dr Suite 404

Mankato MN, 56001


TENANT              (Name and Business here)

424 North Riverfront Dr Suite 110

Mankato MN, 56001